Why Are Some iPhone Text Messages Blue and Some Green? iMessages Explained

About a year ago, Apple released iOS 5.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One of the biggest new features of iOS 5 is the ability to send messages over a data-only connection. In real-world terms, this means an iPad, even a wi-fi-only model, could send and receive text messages with other iOS devices. This feature is called iMessage, and it really is a nifty feature, but it can be hard to understand the difference between normal text messages and iMessages on an iPhone. Enter Jesse Hollington, Applications Editor at ilounge.com, a great resource for iPhone/iPad/iPod information.

In a post on Quora (which is awesome, by the way), Jesse very clearly explains the difference between traditional SMS/MMS (green text messages) and iMessage (blue messages).

Click to read Quote of Jesse Hollington’s answer to What is the difference between blue and green messages on the iPhone in iOS 5.0.1? on Quora

9 thoughts on “Why Are Some iPhone Text Messages Blue and Some Green? iMessages Explained

  1. This i-message stuff is pointless, I don’t get why they are charging me data to text …. AND I can do with out people knowing I’ve read their message I got enough stuff to worry about they’ve got their hands right in our pockets, Apple you jerks, but I like your products even though my phone breaks every week.
    how come I have i-message even though I didn’t set it up ?

    • GroovyQ, you can turn off iMessage just by going to Settings then Messages, and selecting OFF for the first option. Personally, I like iMessage, but I did turn “read receipts” off. I also don’t love when people know when I read their messages.

  2. The iPhone has released iMessage, and its been bugging the hell out of me why some text messages are blue and why some messages are green. But when I started texting my mom, I figured it out.
    Green iMessages mean that you are texting using SMS which is texting with another type of phone. My mom has a Samsung Intensity and my texts to her are green.
    Blue iMessages mean you are texting with someone who has an iPhone, like you do. My dad has an iPhone, and my texts to him are blue.

  3. go to settings – date & time- then turn off or on auto settings, then press your off button (top right) same time as your bottom button and wait until screen goes black and then the apple appears (let go of buttons now) and then try to send a text message

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